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Is the word Ethnic outdated?

19 Jul 2022

The word Ethnic means Nation or a class/group of people. What it has been connected to is often foreign , usually countries other than countries in the West. Ethnic food for example is usually forms ties with Asian, African or South and centrel America. Although coming from an 'Ethnic' background so to speak I personally see the word Ethnic as being any group of people whether European or South American. syncorinising to a way of thinking which goes away from catergoring and simply enjoying cultures as they are and not boxing them immeditely. 

The Ethnic Pantry is about great products whether Spanish , Indian or British, we want to showcase the best products, so everyone can enjoy great food! 

So is the word outdated - Well I feel it is not and the word itself has only just come onto the forefront of everyday words and it being used comfortably in sentences without forming biases.