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New Arrivals White Mausu

Condiments that blow your taste buds.

Fermented Chinese black beans have a magical flavour, managing to be fruity, savoury, rich, smoky, salty, funky and umami all at once. Add into the mix sesame, fiery chilli, garlic, prickly Sichuan pepper and the suggestion of Chinese five spice provided by star anise, and you’re in for a taste sensation. White Mausu Black Bean Rāyu can be used to season noodles, soups, stir-fries and dumpling dipping sauces; drizzled over avocado on toast, scrambled egg or tofu, or a side portion of steamed greens; or used to create the most amazing fried rice imaginable.

White Mausu (pronounced “mouse-ooh”) are two cooks called Katie and Jasper. They met working in a Dublin café, where they tasted a rāyu given to the owner by a Japanese lady. It reminded Katie of the chilli oils she’d grown up eating in Hong Kong and inspired the pair to start making their own. They began selling their wares at Dublin Flea Market and rapidly developed a cult following. We’re glad to welcome White Mausu – which was the nickname Katie’s granny called her while she was growing up – into the Harvey Nichols range.